Formway/ Kimball Office

The See Me Screen serves as a divider between employees’ work stations to create visual privacy, openness, and a sweet spot that allows two people facing each other to see each other through the screen.

Since the imaginary commissioner for the See Me Screen was one of the most popular online social networking websites, connecting people from all over the world, I based the theme of my design on the words joining and connecting.

The screens are intended to be placed in the company’s new headquarters, and serve as dividers between employees’ work stations. I wanted them to stay in balance between soothing and energizing, and keep a neutral theme that no one would become bored with after looking at the screen several times a day. To do this, I looked for inspiration in nature. I based my design on the outlines of connect­­ed burs. I made them overlap a little to show how they connect, and I gradually condensed them to achieve the required ratio of visual blockage and openness, while leaving an empty area to create the “sweet spot” that would allow the two people facing each other to lock eyes through the screen.