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Atrium Stairs for LSU Design Building

Additional stairs connecting four floors of the LSU Design Building with an additional student work gallery function and a second floor landing area developed into a healthy food and juice bar area

The purpose of the staircase is to connect the four floors dedicated to various design departments and introduce two additional functions that the staircase could provide.

The additional functions that I chose for the staircase are a student work display and a walking (=good for staying fit) connection to a healthy food and drink bar on the second floor.

One of the objectives that I set for myself was that the staircase didn’t cover too much of the natural light coming from the roof window, letting the students enjoy as much daylight as possible, and keeping them mentally connected to the external world. The main structure of the stair is made of perforated steel and the railing is made of metal tubes.

The staircase has a very organic, irregular, rounded shape. It connects the four floors like a branch of ivy climbing on a wall – in this case, the brick wall of the elevator shaft.

The railings will be made of irregularly shaped metal tubes creating a repetitive but irregular pattern. It will also create interesting shadow patterns on the floor.
The posts will be painted with alternating vivid colors found in nature: tan, olive green, deep peacock teal, and cream. The color scheme coordinates with the natural brick and terracotta surfaces which are strongly present on the inside and outside of the building. While redesigning the atrium, I decided to preserve those features of the building. The color scheme is stimulating and complements the artistic and expressive character of the activities performed in the building. That connection will be enhanced by the supports for the student work display screens that will be shaped like large bent pencils.

I also designed some large, organically shaped planters to serve as bar tables on the atrium floor to bring some nature into the interior and let the students enjoy their time off while sitting close to plants.

Project Details
Second Floor Landing Area
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