Lobby Area
Lobby Area

Crown Oak Residence

The Crown Oak Residence congregate living house will be inhabited by people older than 60 or younger disabled people capable of independent living.


The inspiration for my project was an oak tree which symbolizes dignity at an old age. A large oak tree is very stable, has a large span of branches and a variety of textures, from the rough bark to the soft, flexible crown.

Similar to the oak tree, the space spans from the bottom level with vast community activity spaces, through the individual apartments, up to the relaxing rooftop garden. The crown contains most of the apartments, while the root network corresponds to the bottom level and includes large community spaces for the lobby, activity room and dining room. The individual rooms are spacious enough to feel like home, not an institution, but the emphasis is placed on common spaces that the inhabitants are encouraged to spend time in to avoid loneliness and isolation.

Throughout the project I used low contrast colors reflecting nature and natural materials such as wood, metal and masonry. I incorporated the original brick structure to relate to the rough texture of the tree bark. Patterns of tree branches provide some variety within the unity, and make the place look like a soothing natural oasis in the middle of the city. The more saturated colors in the community activity areas add more energy to the spaces, while the more muted tones in individual spaces encourage feelings of calmness and relaxation.

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